"The arms that you wield now are not such as your forefathers wielded; but they are infinitely more effective, and infinitely more irresistable" ~ Cymru Fydd leaflet, 1890

Sunday 3 March 2013

Proud to be British? - The Irish Holocaust

"The Great Famine", as it's often described is nothing more than the British states interpretation of the mass genocide carried out by Britain on the British subjects of Ireland. For it's important to remember that the Irish Holocaust of 1845-1849 was over 70 years before Ireland declared itself independent.
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Taken from IrishHolocaust.org
Consequently; if Britain's census figures for Ireland are correct the British government murdered approximately 5.16 million Irish men, women and children; making it the Irish Holocaust.
But surely this isn't true, we were always told that it was the potato crop failure that did it?
Ireland starved because its food, from 40 to 70 shiploads per day, was removed at gunpoint by 12,000 British constables reinforced by the British militia, battleships, excise vessels, Coast Guard and by 200,000 British soldiers (100,000 at any given moment)  The attached map shows the never-before-published names and locations in Ireland of the food removal regiments (Disposition of the Army; Public Record Office, London; et al, of which we possess photocopies).  Thus, Britain seized from Ireland's producers tens of millions of head of livestock; tens of millions of tons of flour, grains, meat, poultry & dairy products; enough to sustain 18 million person.
Taken from IrishHolocaust.org
We are force fed so much faux-Brittania from the cradle to the grave, why can't we be taught about the nastier side of The Empire as well? Surely that would enable us to have a more balanced outlook of Britain and what it means to be British.

Please read IrishHolocaust.org for more information.
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  1. I tried the link, but it didn't work, Stu. The right address seems to be www.irishholocaust.org.

    1. Diolch MH, I only managed to get it wrong three times!