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Saturday 9 August 2014

Scumbag Labour - Best Day Ever

Picture the scene, you're an MP and you have been an MP for 23 years. You were parachuted into an area you don't care about and this is now your job for life. Alternatively if you prefer to pretend to be an AM then let's pretend you've been an AM for an area for 15 years.

As an MP / AM you get to open things and meet people. Sometimes it's a shop, perhaps a park or if you're really lucky you get to open up a food bank.

This is the same face Hain pulls when receiving his expenses. Share via twitter | facebook
Peter Hain has been MP for Neath for 23 years. So you'd expect that opening up a foodbank in Pontardawe would be a fairly solemn day for Peter. This sort of thing shouldn't be happening here in Wales but here it is happening right in his constituency. And he is fucking loving it.

If this is her foodbank face I'd hate to see her sex face. Share via twitter | facebook
This is Gwenda, most people probably wont have heard of her but she has been AM for Neath for 15 years. Long enough to dread the day when a foodbank is required in Pontardawe. But not Gwenda, look at the smile on her face. It really is the best day ever. Gwenda is so excited she even stuck it on her blog. I was so disgusted by their shit-eating grins that I stuck it here on mine.

Peter and Gwenda join a long list of unionist scumbags who think opening a foodback is as exciting as going to Disney World. Hain has had enough of sticking his snout in the trough and will be retiring at the next election. Gwenda receives a typically high percentage of the donkey vote so will no doubt continue until either she dies or Neath realises that voting Labour really isn't doing them any favours at all.

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