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Saturday 30 August 2014

Scumbag Labour - Prosiect Ffear

By now we're all pretty much up to speed with 'project fear', the self-titled scare tactics employed by the Better Together-No Thanks-UKOKs (or whatever they are called this week).

For those that are not up to speed it revolves around the following premise, rather than trying to put forward a coherant message of why Scotland should remain ruled from London the British Nationalists are simply resorting to scare stories. 'Scotland will be kicked out of the EU' whilst simultaneously being 'forced to use the Euro', 'won't be allowed to use the UK NHS' despite this actually never existing as they are all independent from each other and how about threatening to 'bomb Scottish airports' in the event of invasion despite the fact that the only country to invade Scotland in recent memory was England.

Above is just a few I've listed but it appears that project fear is now making its way to Wales. I've dubbed this 'prosiect ffear' so that we can differentiate between the two but it's basically the same premise just aimed at a Welsh audience.

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You can click on the picture to embiggen it or alternatively read the full article (from the Faily Post) here. But don't worry, I will give the 'prosiect ffear' examples below to make it easier. Here we go.

Plaid Cymru MP for for Arfon Hywel Williams states how the campaign momentum is clearly with the grass roots backed YES campaign rather than the bussed up from England and paid for their trouble 'astro-turf' backed NO campaign. Hywel argues that this could have a knock-on effect in Wales. Here's where 'PFf' comes in.

Wow, Mike Hedges is concerned about Italy losing Venice and Spain losing Catalonia. Which is of course far better than saying England might lose Wales and the Six Counties. We could cite dozens of stateless nations within Europe who could break away if they want, the point is that it is up to them not us. And certainly not some pompous Red Tory in Morriston who wants Wales to remain a colony of another country.

The Red Tory for Anglesey (sic) wants us to work together, a recent example of how he thinks we should work together is that he wants England to own Welsh water, if you want more examples just click the 'maps tag'. He also stated that Europe will not neccesarily welcome us all. That's a strange one there because we are all EU citizens. Our governments all abide by whatever laws the EU hand down. As a 'region' of a EU state people from all over the EU are allowed to come to Wales in order to live and work just as we are also allowed to travel to any other EU state to live and work.

If Scotland or Wales were to decide it no longer wanted to live under London rule then does Albion Owen really think that the EU would kick us out and thereby condemn thousands of people across our nations to leave their homes and jobs? Does Albion Owen really think that the EU would force all the Welsh and Scottish people right across the EU to have to leave their homes and jobs and return to their home nations?

That doesn't sound like the kind of inclusive federal state the EU is often described as to me.

Now back to Mikey who clearly didn't see the complete trouncing his buddy Darling received at the hands of  Alex Salmond in the EBC's independence debate. At the massacre Darling finally conceded 'of course Scotland can use the pound'. As for debt Mikey need only ask the treasury (assuming Labourites are allowed anywhere near it these days) who stated catergorically that the UK debt is theres.

The YES campaign have stated all along that they are prepared to take on their share of the UKs liabilities providing the UK allows them to take on Scotland's share of the assets. No currency union, no debt was the message Salmond delivered in the debate.

He then goes on a bit of a rant about how we should all split away so we can all leave the debt behind. As I have already stated this is UK debt but he should be careful about mentioning a banking crisis as it was his beloved Red Tories who oversaw the biggest banking crisis in recent memory and the huge debts the UK is now the guarantor of. Debts that unless we free ourselves from London rule will be dumped our children and their children and possibly never paid off.

In order to help people sniff out the bullshit of 'prosiect ffear' I suggest you go along to Wings over Scotland's Wee Blue Book which brilliantly outlines the main points of independence. Most of which apply to us down here.

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