"The arms that you wield now are not such as your forefathers wielded; but they are infinitely more effective, and infinitely more irresistable" ~ Cymru Fydd leaflet, 1890

Saturday 15 December 2012

Colonialism 2.0

Colonialism now extends beyond the real world into the virtual world
You may have heard of the campaign for Wales to have it's own top level domains. An obvious example is a .com or .org. Unlike Jersey (.je), Guernsey (.gg) or the Isle of Man (.im) Wales does not have a TLD of it's own. This campaign has been handed to Nominet by the Welsh Government. That's very sporting of Nominet you might think, but just who are this Nominet.

Nominet are responsible for the .UK TLD, they have been around since 1986 and they are based right next to Oxford. Now the sharper readers will instantly realise that Oxford is not in Wales, it is of course in England. I made this little graphic using google maps to show exactly where Nominet is.

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It's 92.7 miles away from Chepstow (via road), I chose Chepstow because it's just across the border. So if they wanted to make the token effort of basing the new TLDs for Wales in Wales then they could open an office there. Perhaps they are planning on basing the .wales and .cymru TLDs in Wales. That'd be nice wouldn't it? So I emailed nominet to ask them the following questions based on them securing the .wales and .cymru TLDs.
  • Would you be opening up an ofice in Wales to handle these?
  • If not, where will they be run from and why wouldn't you run them from Wales.
Simple enough questions, after all these would be resources that belong to Wales and if an English company was to operate these domains from England then that would be a form of exploitation, colonialism 2.0 as I have named it. I awaited their response.

So a week has passed by and still no reply. In the mean time dotCYM has announced it is shutting down after around 7 years of campaigning for the TLDs of Wales to be run for the benefit of Wales by the people of Wales. Unfortunately due to our Labour government being complicit in this act of colonialism 2.0 then we are left with the very real possibility of yet another Welsh resource being run from England. Just like our water, our energy, our land and our sea. We live in a country where everything is either owned by foreigners, run by foreigners or simply run for the benefit of foreigners and they are allowed to get away with it because our so called Welsh media has a vested interest in allowing this to happen. All the while many parts of Wales still qualifies for top level funding from the EU as it is one of the poorest "regions" of the EU.

Isn't it time that one of the political parties started addressing this and started educating the people of Wales that we are deliberately being kept poor?

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  1. This is yet another reminder that the 'Welsh Government' is a quisling regime, and that the real decisions in Wales are taken by English civil servants the vast majority of our people don't even know about.

  2. Where are these civil servants physically based? Cardiff or London? How do we get to change it?

  3. OK....we know why from the point of view of the 'Welsh' civil servant who eventually went to work for Nominet. But why would Edwina Hart behave in this way and also, Darran Hill. Why was he involved?

  4. Labour, the enemy of Welsh aspirations; always has been, always will be. I suppose to them, dotCYM was 'too nationalistic'. Scum!

  5. What is the little shi*'s twitter account?

  6. History will tell you that Wales has been part of England since Medieval Times, why stop now? I'm welsh and I'm proud to be British.

    1. "History will tell you that Wales has been part of England since Medieval Times, why stop now?"

      So you are happy for Wales to be part of England?