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Tuesday 4 December 2012

The hypocrisy of Ann Clwyd

Ann Clwyd hits the headlines today as she blames the Tories for killing her husband. Alright, maybe I have used some artistic license there but she did say that he died "like a battery hen". And after contracting hospital induced pnuemonia she also cites the poor condition he was left in.

That's right Ann, it is a betrayal of what we all stand for. No politician would ever say that they support treating patients like battery hens. They do of course, but that's after we voted for them so it doesn't count.

Once again, we're on the same page. No one should die in those conditions. Hospitals are there to try and make us better.

Like many people I have had family go into hospital and not come home after contracting a hosptal bug. But unlike Ann I am not a member of any political party let alone the very same political party that has decimated hospitals all over Wales. At this very moment in time there are five petitions on the Senedd website directly related to the handling of our NHS by Labour. And if you check the petitions that are no longer open then there are even more directly related to the handling of our NHS by Labour.
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Now you may think this article is as cold and harsh as a Welsh hospital. But if you listen to the interview on the BBC link she is clearly trying to blame this on the Tories which is far colder and far harsher. She even quotes the "Health Secretary" and the "King's Fund" report. Perhaps Ann Clwyd doesn't realise that the University Hospital of Wales is in Wales, that health is devolved, that her party has run Wales for 15 years (either from Cardiff or London). Or maybe she does realise all of those things and is just using this as a way of having a dig at the Tories. Perhaps Ann should look a little closer to home to see who is to blame for these failures right across Wales.


  1. This is Labour 'sending a message to London'. Again. We'll all be homeless and starving before Labour decides to do something rather than just send messages to London.

    But then, it's so much easier to do fuck all and just blame the Tories.

  2. Ann Clwyd voted in favour of the ilegal invasion of Iraq, I'm sure her husband had a far more dignified death than the 100,000+ innocent Iraqi civilians that she was party to the slaughter of.

  3. I almost feel a little reluctant to comment because of her loss but unless she's rather thick, she seems to by trying to gain political capital out of it.

  4. .... and of course, the BBC conveniently forget, or are they stupid, that health in Wales is devolved and has been run by Labour since 1999.

  5. WnB

    I listened to the link you provided and she doesn't quote the "Health Secretary" or mention the "King Fund". Where does she say this? Maybe there is another interview?

  6. I am no supporter of Ann Clwyd, or for that matter the Labour Party. But your suggestions that Clwyd has used the death of her husband for some kind of political opportunism is sickening.

    As for your title "Welsh not British". I am Welsh, born and lived here all my life. But having read your posts (no opposition I notice) it is clear to me that fanatical nationalism and division on here, is your raison d'etre.

    Must be so disappointing then that Plaid Cymru are doing so badly, and now certain to retreat back into the same old miserable backwaters of years ago !

    Never mind, you've still got Adam Price.........

    Or have you ?

  7. Article in today's Golwg360 that she's to campaign for better care in hospitals. Campaign against who? The Labour Party in Wales?

  8. This is what Miserable Old Fart said and I believe he's and ex-nurse:

    "Mae Ann Clwyd yn bod yn glyfar iawn yn ei beirniadaeth – ydy mai gofal iechyd wedi ei ddatganoli, ond sylfaen ei chwyn yw diffyg safonau nyrsio mae safonau nyrsio a rheolaeth statudol dros broffesiynoldeb nyrsiaid heb eu datganoli. Rwy’n mawr obeithio y bydd pob nyrs yn ei hetholaeth yn cofio’r modd mae Ms Clwyd wedi pardduo eu proffesiwn er mwyn gwneud pwynt gwleidyddol ac er mwyn osgoi beirniadu’r Blaid Lafur am ei reolaeth drychinebus o iechyd yng Nghymru."

    She's avoiding attacking Labour in Wales since the basis of her complaint is a lack of nursing standards whose control hasn't been devolved. She's attempting to be clever at the expense of nurses and avoiding attacking Labour in Wales.